Abundant Life Church 

"Restoring Christian Faith, Families, Fellowship"

Empowering You for LIFE!

Intercessory Prayer: Mon-Fri  at  6am

1- 605-468-8004  

code: 737776#


Call In Devotion:

1-515-739-1578 code:132069


Mens Monday- 3rd Mondays at 6:30pm- Men sharpening, supporting, strengthening each other. See Deacon Tyler Brown, Sr.


Ladies Tea- 3rd Sundays at Noon- Time of sharing, teaching,and fellowship. See Min Reva C.  or Sis Angie W.


Judah KidsClub- Serving newborn thru Grade 6. Older Middle and High Students used as assistants until we grow into a club of our own. Our programs are Bible-Based, relationshp-focused and fun! See Davin and Jamia Johns. Youth storyline available everyday! 641-715-3900 code: 31120


Prayer Grotto- Group of Intercessors united in purpose and prayer. Wednesdays at 5:30pm and before services. See Deacon Warrick.


Sunday School-Time of learning and growing together. See Bro.Charles B or Deac Karlessa Beach

Seasoned Saints (ages 50+)- Join the move to get the senior members of our community into an active and flourishing new chapter of their life. Our vision is to see seniors active in ministry, fellowshipping, and traveling! Stay tuned for upcoming fellowship activities and trips now!

Christian Education Dept -  includes Kletos Leadership Training-the inhouse training offered to equip ALRM leaders and potential leaders. As well as New Converts Training and Continuing Education Courses designed to train and equip church members and Interested community members? See Elder Kia.


Have you been baptized? Accepting candidates now.See Deaconess Karlessa Beach and Deacon Delmar Warrick.






ARLM 101- This brunch welcomes our new members or anyone who simply wants to know more about ALRM!

The powerpoint presentation offers information about our founding and our leaders. We share our vision and strategies for the current year. All this over a five-star member-catered menu! ALRM style!

You must register to attend.

Wednesday Equipping-

 Deeper LIFE Class- 6pm

(Strengthening And Learning Together)

"Living with Discernment in The End Times: 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude"

A study by Kay Arthur

6:00 Prayer

6:30 Fellowshipping

7:00- Group Facilitations


Come study the Word of God with us every Wednesday for an hour of power (7-8pm).

Podcast coming soon!

Fine Arts and Drama Ministry-

Abundant Life has an active children’s dance team and seeks to expand to older youth and adults! We have successfully produced the Good Friday Dramatization entitled “The Truth”. Fall Drama: “Excape from Hell” and Christmas with a Capital "C". 

Worship and Media Ministry-

Worship- Use your God-given gifts to usher the congregation into the presence of the Lord and lead us in praise as a member of the praise and worship teams.

Media Ministry- Enhances Abundant Life’s outreach through the distribution of CDs. Team members develop this ministry and expands to DVD and online production.

Kingdom Marriage Ministry-Here at Kingdom Marriage Ministry, we are committed to serving God and the needs of you and your family. For resources and tools visit Kingdom Marriage below: